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The Anthropology Department is located at 1810 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, IL, 60208.

Anthropology Faculty and Staff Directory

Find contact information below. Detailed information about faculty members' research and scholarship can be found on their biographical webpages.

Katherine Amato | Assistant Professor

Katherine Amato
View Katherine Amato's faculty webpage.

Ana Aparicio | Associate Professor

Ana Aparicio
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Adia Benton | Assistant Professor

Cynthia Beth | Undergraduate Program Assistant

Cynthia Beth

Caroline H. Bledsoe | Professor

Caroline H. Bledsoe
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Micaela di Leonardo | Professor

Micaela di Leonardo
  • Phone: 847-491-4821
  • Office Location: 1810 Hinman, #210, Evanston, IL 60208
  • E-mail:
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William E. Funk | Research Assistant Professor

William E. Funk

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Mark Hauser | Associate Professor

Mark Hauser
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M. Geoffrey Hayes | Assistant Professor

M. Geoffrey Hayes
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Nancy Hickey | Business Administrator

Nancy Hickey

Katherine E. Hoffman | Associate Professor

Katherine E. Hoffman
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John C. Hudson | Professor

John C. Hudson
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Matthew H. Johnson | Professor

Matthew H. Johnson
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Chris Kuzawa | Professor

Chris Kuzawa
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Robert Launay | Professor

Robert Launay
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William R. Leonard | Professor

William R. Leonard
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Amanda Logan | Assistant Professor

Amanda Logan
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Peter Locke | Assistant Professor of Instruction

Peter Locke
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D. Soyini Madison | Professor

D. Soyini Madison
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Thomas McDade | Professor

Thomas McDade
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Cynthia Robin | Professor

Cynthia Robin
  • Phone: 847-491-4835
  • Office Location: 1812 Hinman, # 104, Lab # 103, Evanston, IL 60208
  • E-mail:
View Cynthia Robin's faculty webpage.

Monica Russel y Rodríguez | Senior Lecturer Anthropology

Monica Russel y Rodríguez
  • Phone: 847-491-3277
  • Office Location: 1918 Sheridan Road, #205, Evanston, IL 60208
  • E-mail:
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Helen B. Schwartzman | Professor Emerita

Helen B. Schwartzman
View Helen Schwartzman's faculty page.

Rebecca Seligman | Associate Professor

Rebecca Seligman
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Shalini Shankar | Associate Professor

Shalini Shankar
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Noelle Sullivan | Assistant Professor of Instruction

Noelle Sullivan
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Tracy Tohtz | Graduate Program Administrator & Operations Coordinator

Tracy Tohtz

William Voltz | Accounting Specialist

William Voltz

Erin B. Waxenbaum | Senior Lecturer

Erin B. Waxenbaum
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Mary Weismantel | Professor

Mary Weismantel
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Jessica Winegar | Associate Professor

Jessica Winegar
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