Women - Food Security - End Hunger - Political Will & Public Will

Assistant Professor, Sera Young, will be speaking on a panel on "Women - Food Security - End Hunger - Political Will & Public Will" as part of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, March 17, 2017.

Associate Professor, Mark Hauser, has been elected Docent for Global Historical Archaeology at the University of Oulu in Finland

Congratulations to Prof. Mark Hauser, who has been elected Docent for Global Historical Archaeology at the University of Oulu in Finland.

An Archaeological Mystery In Ghana: Why Didn't Past Droughts Spell Famine?

NPR piece featuring the research of Amanda Logan

Katie Amato Appointed to CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program

Congratulations to Prof. Katie Amato, who has been named to the Humans & Microbiome program of the inaugural cohort of the Canadian Institute For Advanced Research Azrieli Global Scholars program

Congratulations to Jessica Winegar, Erin Waxenbaum and Peter Locke, who have been named to the ASG Honor Roll.

An Archaeological Mystery In Ghana: Why Didn't Past Droughts Spell Famine?

NPR piece featuring the research of our own Amanda Logan

Anthropology Department 2016 Newsletter is here

Staff Wins Commendation

Will Voltz was awarded a Service Excellence Commendation by Northwestern University.

Congratulations to Shalini Shankar on being promoted to full professor

Ford Foundation 2016 Dissertation Fellowship

Congratulations to Dario Valles who has received a Ford Foundation 2016 Dissertation Fellowship. This prestigious award is sponsored by the Ford Foundation and administered by the Fellowships Office of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

Earle Dissertation Research Grants

Congratulations to Vanessa Watters and Bilal Nasir as inaugural recipients of the Earle dissertation award.  With the generous support from the Tim and Eliza Earle Endowment, the Department of Anthropology is able to provide funding for their dissertation research projects in 2016-17.

“Amateurs Play Doctor for World’s Poor”

Noelle Sullivan was featured in an article in the Daily Beast On June 1, 2016. The article was written by an NU undergrad, Megan Fu, who is interning with them this quarter.

Graduate student Vanessa Watters Awarded Research Fellowship

Watters has been awarded the Buffet Center’s 2016 Global Politics and Religion Summer Graduate Research Fellowship.  Her project, “Prosperity on the Periphery: Christian Social Welfare in Coastal West Africa” examines the coastal West African region as an important historical corridor for Catholic and Pentecostal institutions, as well as contemporary exchanges and transformations in Christian communities. Vanessa will conduct preliminary fieldwork with religious organizations in the capital cities of Accra, Lomé, and Cotonou to consider how the shifting centers of global Christian membership are managed transnationally through the promotion of economic and social welfare programs.

Associate Professor Mark Hauser has been elected as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in London

The Society of Antiquaries of London is a venerable and distinguished group, founded in 1707, with interests in the material past and offices, archives and library alongside the Royal Academy and Royal Society in central London. Prof. Hauser joins Tim Earle, Matthew Johnson and Cynthia Robin as Fellows.

Jessica Winegar Presented New Book

Her work, "Anthropology's Politics: Disciplining the Middle East," (2015) was among those celebrated at a new book event hosted by MENA on May 11, 2016. 

Noelle Sullivan Has Received a Grant from The Alumnae of Northwestern University

The grant will bring the Canadian aboriginal artist Sonny Assu to campus to do a public talk, studio sit-in sessions with two undergraduate art classes and a guest lecture in an undergraduate indigenous studies course on campus during the spring quarter of 2017.

Anthropology Department Receives Green Office Certification

The certification is due to the hard work of Kat Catlin and the AGSA Green team. As part of the celebration, a new tree was planted on the grounds of 1810 Hinman.

Graduate Student, Morgan Hoke, Received the EE Hunt Student Paper Prize

She earned this award at the Human Biology Association Meetings for her paper titled, "Feeding babies, feeding inequalities: A Biocultural examination of changing economic activity, infant feeding, and early growth in Nuñoa, Peru."

Anthropology Professor Jessica Winegar in Truthout: The US Must Stop Supporting Human Rights Violations in Egypt

Egypt's most important human rights nongovernmental organization recently received notification from the Egyptian authorities that it would be shut down. For over 20 years, the Nadeem Center has documented state violence and torture and helped its victims - if they remain alive.

Ashley Agbasoga: 1st year PhD Student in Anthropology and Tepoztlán Institute Fellow

Ashley is the recipient of the 2016 Tepoztlán-Northwestern Graduate Fellowship. The recipient receives a stipend and attends the Tepoztlán Institute conference in Mexico City that takes place in July. As a component of the Fellowship, Ashley works as graduate fellow to the conference directors and assists with planning the conference themed “Racist Violence, from the Colonial Past to the Urgent Present.”

Faculty Receive Support to Create Innovative Curriculum

Professors Mary Weismantel and Ryan Dohoney will spend the summer developing two new undergraduate courses designed to draw connections and insights between historical and modern traditions in music and art. 

Posing as a Doctor is Illegal...unless you go to the "Developing World."

Anthropology professor Noelle Sullivan discusses the differences between healthcare in developing countries and the United States. Her work was originally published in the Orlando Sentinel.

Economic Inequality and Environmental Change in Medieval Iceland

Graduate student, Kat Catlin has been interviewed by Polar Field Services for her research in Iceland.  PFS provides logistical support for NSF projects in the Arctic and run a blog about arctic research.  Read the interview here.

Big Picture Science – With All Our Mites: Thomas McDade / Our Microbe Guardians

by Gary Niederhoff on February 14, 2016

Debunking the GOP Candidates' Anti-Immigration Stance

Associate Professor Ana Aparicico argues that myths about immigration have “inspired immigration policies that are dangerous, as well as economically, politically, and morally wrong.”

"Five Exciting Developments From Across the Middle East in 2015"

Jessica Winegar, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies for the Anthropology Department, has published Op-Ed piece published in Truthout.

Matilda Stubbs Is The 2016 Recipient of the WCAS/TGS Teaching Fellowship

Anthropology graduate student Matilda Stubbs has been awarded a stipend for exceptional teaching skills at Northwestern University.  Ms. Stubbs will teach a WCAS 1st year Seminar in the Department of Anthropology titled “Auto Ethnography: The Anthropology of Cars.” The course will be offered during the 2016 Spring Quarter. The WCAS/TGS Teaching Fellowship is made possible with funding from The Graduate School and the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

Kat Catlin Earns Prestigious Fellowship

Graduate student Kat Catlin has been awarded a fellowship from the Leifur Eiriksson Foundation to help support her dissertation research in Ireland. Kat is researching connections between anthropogenic environmental degradation, re-use and abandonment of infrastructure, and social inequality in medieval Iceland.

Tara Mittelberg Wins Northwestern Circumnavigator Award

Weinberg junior and anthropology major, Tara Mittelberg was awarded the prestigious Circumnavigator Award, which will support her research across three continents.

Ashley Agbasoga is awarded the Tepoztlán-Northwestern Graduate Fellowship

First year graduate student, Ashley Agbasoga, has been awarded the Tepoztlán-Northwestern Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship is a partnership between Northwestern and the Tepoztlán Institute for the Transnational History of the Americas. In addition to a stipend, the fellowship covers travel expenses to the summer Tepoztlán conference. The theme for this summer’s conference is: “Racist Violence: From the Colonial Past to the Urgent Present.”

Thomas McDade named AAAS Fellow

Thomas McDade has been elected a fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest general scientific society.  Thom, the Carlos Montezuma Professor of Anthropology and faculty fellow at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR), was chosen by AAAS for his distinguished contributions to the field of biological anthropology, particularly for biocultural perspectives on human development, human ecological immunity, human biology, field and laboratory methods.  He will be honored Feb. 13 at the 2016 AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Cynthia Robin-Director of Undergraduate Study

Cynthia has received the Karl Rosengren Faculty Mentoring Award for mentoring undergraduate research

Celebration for Shalini Shankar's new book Advertising Diversity

A new work by Shalini Shankar, Advertising Diversity - Ad Agencies and the Creation of Asian American Consumers will be celebrated at a book party at 4 pm, November 2, 2015 in Harris Hall.

Odette Zero, Northwestern junior and Anthropology major, is "Taking a personal look at diabetes in Guatemala". 

In a story featured on the Northwestern home page Odette talks about her time and research in Guatemala.  Read More.

Thomas McDade Named Carlos Montezuma Professor

Thomas McDade has been named Carlos Montezuma Professor of Anthropology.  An investiture ceremony was held on October 12, 2015.

Graduate Student, Kat Catlin receives prestigious National Science Foundation grant

Ph.D student, Kat Catlin has received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Arctic Social Sciences Program for her dissertation research in Iceland.

Noelle Sullivan in the September 2015 Newsletter for the Office
of Research on the program she ran in Tanzania. 

Blog Post by Jean Hunleth "How Anthropology Can Transform Global Health Efforts"

Jean Hunleth received her Ph.D. in Anthropology and M.P.H. from Northwestern in 2011. She is currently a Research Scientist in the Division of Public Health Sciences at Washington University's School of Medicine in St. Louis. Her areas of interest include research with children living in difficult circumstances, care giving in southern Africa and global health inequities. Check out her recent blog post "How Anthropology Can Transform Global Health Efforts."

Blog Post by Jean Hunleth: "Eight Ways that Ebola Response Efforts Can Benefit from the Anthropology of Childhood"

Jean Hunleth received her Ph.D. in Anthropology and M.P.H. from Northwestern in 2011. She is currently a Research Scientist in the Division of Public Health Sciences at Washington University's School of Medicine in St. Louis. Her areas of interest include research with children living in difficult circumstances, care giving in southern Africa and global health inequities. Check out her recent blog post "Eight Ways that Ebola Response Efforts Can Benefit from the Anthropology of Childhood."

Dept. of Anthropology Graduate Student presents at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s Fall Meeting in D.C.

Melissa Minor Peters of Northwestern University, who has spent two years conducting research on transgender Ugandans, said during the Oct. 9 presentation the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act continues to have an adverse impact on the nation’s LGBT residents. (Read More)

Department welcomes incoming graduate students

In the 2015-16 academic year, we welcome seven new graduate students to the department. These students will be introduced to the department's campus facilities and given an orientation to the program on Thursday, September 17. The two-hour event will include a welcome reception, where graduate students can get to know one another and other members of the department.

You Are What Your Grandmother Ate

"In general, measures of nutrition that were obtained when the mother was young or in utero herself were much stronger predictors of her baby's birth weight than are her nutrition and diet during adulthood," said Dr. Christopher Kuzawa. Read the article here.

Chairman Bill Leonard discusses his team's research in Siberia

"Science suggests that some people have an innate advantage in keeping warm. Bill Leonard, chairman of the anthropology department at Northwestern University, is part of a team that has spent more than 20 years studying indigenous groups in rural Russia." Read the article here.

From Anthropology to The Daily Show

Jena Friedman, a 2005 alumna of the Department of Anthropology, wrote her senior thesis on the role of gender, race, and class in the world of comedy. Her observation of classes at Chicago's ImprovOlypmic for that research ultimately lead her to a career in comedy, and she now serves as a field producer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Read more about our former student's unexpected career in comedy.

Anthropology Professor Jessica Winegar speaks on Chicago Tonight

Professor Jessica Winegar, a specialist in class, gender and Islam in the Middle East and North Africa speaks about the unrest in Egypt and the demands to remove the president. Watch the video online.

Anthropology is now on LinkedIn

Whether you are a student on campus or an Anthropology alumni major living abroad, you will be able to stay connected with Northwestern's Anthropology Department through LinkedIn. The site provides a place for current students, alumni, and friends of Anthropology forge relationships and connections. Visit our LinkedIn group today.

Anthropology major wins Circumnavigator Travel-Study Award

Congratulations to Catherine Althauson for winning a $9,000 Circumnavigator Travel-Study Award for summer 2013. Catherine (WCAS '14) used this award to circle the globe for 10 weeks. During this time, she explored the ways that museums in Australia, Israel, Peru, France and other nations treat human remains that are part of their collections. Read the RedEye article on Catherine's award.

Professor Jessica Winegar speaks on NPR

Professor Winegar discusses "God and Government: Egypt Edition, Shariah Law, And More" on NPR's Interfaith Radio. Listen to her speak here.

Bradley Phillippi digs up evidence of slaves working at the Thompson House

Northwestern doctoral candidate Bradley Phillippi helps lead an archaeological dig in order to uncover the history of slavery in Setauket. Check out the article here.

Two Anthropology Professors published in special issue of American Ethnologist

Professor di Leonardo and Professor Shankar published in an issue of AE on "In/Visibility: Projects, Media, Politics". Read more here.

Kristin Landau receives award from the Society for Applied Anthropology

Northwestern doctoral candidate Kristin Landau wins SfAA Tourism and Heritage Student Paper Competition with the paper “Exploring New Paths Toward Indigenous Identity Formation: Heritage Teaching among the Ch’orti’ Maya of Copan, Honduras.” which she co-wrote with doctoral candidate Fredy Rodriquez-Mejia (Michigan State University). Read more here.