Find the books, dissertations, articles, and annual reports covering the Chan Project.


  • Chan: An Ancient Maya Farming Community, edited by Cynthia Robin
    2012, University Press of Florida
    Chan offers a synthesis of compelling and groundbreaking discoveries gathered over ten years of research at this one archaeological site in Belize. The contributors develop three central themes, which structure the book. They examine how sustainable farming practices maintained the surrounding forest, allowing the village to exist for two millennia. They trace the origins of elite Maya state religion to the complex religious belief system developed in small villages such as Chan. Finally, they describe how the group-focused political strategies employed by local leaders differed from the highly hierarchical strategies of the Classic Maya kings in their large cities.  In breadth, methodology, and findings, this volume scales new heights in the study of Maya society and culture.
  • Everyday Life Matters: Maya Farmers at Chan, Cynthia Robin
    Forthcoming 2013, University Press of Florida


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