Undergraduate Opportunities

Students wishing to pursue a concentration in Archaeology have a wide variety of opportunities to pursue studies in the classroom and the field.

To complete a concentration in Archaeology you are required to take 322 Introduction to Archaeology Research Design and Methods in your junior year.

Current classes

  • 214  Archaeology: Unearthing History
  • 318  Material Worlds of the Middle Ages
  • 319  Material Life & Culture in Europe, 1500-1800AD
  • 321  Archaeological Field Methods
  • 322  Introduction to Archaeology Research Design and Methods

  • 324  Archaeological Survey Methods
  • 325  Archaeological Methods Laboratory 
  • 327  The Archaeology of Ethnicity in America 
  • 328  The Maya 

  • 343  Anthropology of Race
  • 382  Households and Everyday Life 

  • 384  Slavery's Material Record
  • 396  Advanced Archaeological Field Methods 

Archaeological research

In addition to courses offered on the Northwestern campus, we recommend that you take advantage of ongoing archeological research.

Field schools offered by Northwestern faculty

  • Field Studies in Archaeology: Medieval Worlds
  • Caribbean Field Studies in Archaeology

Fields schools offered through other institutions

You must choose a school in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Opportunities can be found on the following pages:

Faculty research

Students can work with Northwestern faculty in their research in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and Mesoamerica: