Biological Anthropology

Laboratory for Human Biology Research

The Laboratory for Human Biology Research is committed to:

  • Conducting collaborative, population-based research into the biological, social, and cultural factors that shape human biology and health in a range of international settings, including the U.S.
  • Developing of minimally invasive, "field-friendly" methods for assessing biomarkers of health and physiological development that can be used to facilitate community-based research on human biology. 
  • Providing graduate and undergraduate students with opportunities to conduct independent human biology research, under supervision of the lab’s directors.


The Laboratory is located within the Department of Anthropology at 1810 Hinman Avenue, and it is comprised of 1,500 square feet of Biosafety Level 2 certified wet-lab space. The laboratory contains equipment to support immunoassay analysis of human blood, saliva, and urine, as well as the assessment of body composition, energy expenditure, and cardiovascular function. Read more about the Laboratory’s facilities.

Research and teaching

The Laboratory supports research in energetics and metabolism, exercise and fitness, stress and human health, growth and development, body composition, and ecological immunology.

In addition, the Laboratory offers a two-course sequence in Human Biology Research that provides students with hands-on experience with a range of methods for assessing human adaptation, development, and health. 

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