Biological Anthropology

Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduates can begin their study of human biology and health from an anthropological perspective through courses that provide background in key theories, concepts, and methods.

Biological anthropology courses

  • 213  Human Origins
  • GH 301/PH 390  International Public Health
  • 306  Evolution of Life Histories
  • 308  Global Health in Human History
  • 310  Evolution and Culture
  • 312  Human Population Biology
  • 313  Anthropological Population Genetics
  • 314  Human Growth and Development
  • 315  Medical Anthropology
  • 316  Forensic Anthropology
  • 317  Human Evolution
  • 362  Advanced Methods in Quantitative Analysis
  • 386  Methods in Human Biology Research
  • 401-1  Logic of Inquiry in Anthropology: Biological Anthropology

Concentration in Human Biology

Students majoring in Anthropology or Biological Sciences can complete the department’s Concentration in Human Biology. Through courses and opportunities for independent research, students in this concentration study human biology and health from a population, ecological, cross-cultural perspective.

Read about the concentration’s courses and requirements.

Original laboratory research

Advanced undergraduate students are encouraged to pursue their own research interests at the Laboratory for Human Biology Research. Work with lab directors to conduct original research that can be used as the bais for a senior thesis.