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Spring 2019 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 101-6-21First-Year SeminarKatherine Amato 
ANTHRO 101-6-22First Year Seminar: Ibn Battuta and the Caravans of GoldRobert Launay 
ANTHRO 211-0-1*Culture and SocietyMary WeismantelTTh  11-1220pmTBD
ANTHRO 211-0-61Discussion SectionTu  830-920am104
ANTHRO 211-0-62Discussion SectionW  9-950am104
ANTHRO 211-0-63Discussion SectionM  9-950am104
ANTHRO 211-0-64Discussion SectionTh  830-920am104
ANTHRO 211-0-65Discussion SectionF  10-1050amB07
ANTHRO 211-0-66Discussion SectionF  9-950am104
ANTHRO 221-0-1Social and Health InequalitiesThomas McDade TTh  2-3:20pm
ANTHRO 232-0-1Myth and SymbolismRobert Launay 
ANTHRO 306-0-1Evolution of Life HistoriesAaron Miller 
ANTHRO 309-0-1Human OsteologyErin WaxenbaumF  9-1130amA58
ANTHRO 314-0-1Human Growth and DevelopmentErin WaxenbaumMW  930-1050amRm 104
ANTHRO 315-0-1Medical AnthropologyRebecca Seligman 
ANTHRO 390-0-21Topics in AnthropologyWilliam Leonard 
ANTHRO 390-0-22Anthropology of Food Security and SustainabilityAmanda Logan 
ANTHRO 390-0-23Breaking the Law in the Middle East: Many CareersEmrah Yildiz 
ANTHRO 390-0-24Topics In AnthropologyEmrah Yildiz 
ANTHRO 390-0-25Topics In AnthropologyAdia Benton 
ANTHRO 390-0-26Semiotics of Race and Gender in Latin America across Time co-listed with SPAN 397-0-1Diego Arispe-BazanW  2-450pm
ANTHRO 490-0-21Human Population BiologyWilliam Leonard 
ANTHRO 490-0-22Archaeol, Communities, PublicsAmanda Logan 
ANTHRO 490-0-23Biocultural Perspectives on Water InsecuritySera Young 
ANTHRO 490-0-24Topicss in AnthropologyAdia Benton 
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