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Winter 2019 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 101-6-21First Year SeminarAdia Benton 
ANTHRO 213-0-1Human OriginsErin WaxenbaumMWF  12-1250pm
ANTHRO 213-0-61Discussion SectionM  9-950amRm 104
ANTHRO 213-0-62Discussion SectionM  10-1050amRm 104
ANTHRO 213-0-63Discussion SectionTu  830-920amRm 104
ANTHRO 213-0-64Discussion SectionW  9-950amRm 104
ANTHRO 213-0-65Discussion SectionW  10-1050amRm 104
ANTHRO 213-0-66Discussion SectionTh  830-920amRm 104
ANTHRO 213-0-67Discussion SectionF  9-950amRm 104
ANTHRO 213-0-68Discussion SectionF  10-1050amRm 104
ANTHRO 215-0-1The Study of Culture Through LanguageKatherine HoffmanTTh  11-1220pm
ANTHRO 215-0-61Discussion SectionM  9-950amB07
ANTHRO 215-0-62Discussion SectionTu  830-920amB07
ANTHRO 215-0-63Discussion SectionF  10-1050amB07
ANTHRO 215-0-64Discussion SectionF  9-950amB07
ANTHRO 316-0-20Forensic AnthropologyErin WaxenbaumMW  930-1050amRm B07
ANTHRO 322-0-1Introduction to Archaeology Research Design and MethodsAmanda Logan 
ANTHRO 377-0-1Psychological AnthropologyRebecca Seligman 
ANTHRO 386-0-20Methods in Human Biology ResearchAaron Miller 
ANTHRO 389-0-1Ethnographic Methods and AnalysisAdia Benton 
ANTHRO 390-0-21The Human Microbiome & HealthKatherine Amato 
ANTHRO 390-0-22Topics In AnthropologyAmanda Logan 
ANTHRO 390-0-23Porous Borders: Geography, Power and Tactics of MovementEmrah Yildiz 
ANTHRO 390-0-24Ecology of Infant FeedingSera Young 
ANTHRO 398-0-1Senior SeminarAna Aparicio 
ANTHRO 401-2-01Logic of Inquiry in Anthropology (Archy) Matthew Johnson 
ANTHRO 484-0-2Language Ideologies Katherine HoffmanT  2-430pmRm B07
ANTHRO 490-0-21Topics in AnthropologyKatherine Amato 
ANTHRO 490-0-23Producing Territory: People, Commodities, and ValueEmrah Yildiz 
ANTHRO 490-0-24Topics In AnthropologyMary Weismantel 
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