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Spring 2020 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 101-6-21First Year Seminar: Modern Plagues Adia Benton 
ANTHRO 101-6-22First Year Seminar: How The Other 99% LiveMicaela di LeonardoT  5-7:50PM
ANTHRO 211-0-01*Culture & SocietyMary WeismantelTTh  11-12:20PM
ANTHRO 211-0-61Discussion SectionT  8:30-9:20AM
ANTHRO 211-0-62Discussion SectionM  9-9:50AM
ANTHRO 211-0-63Discussion SectionW  9-9:50AM
ANTHRO 211-0-64Discussion SectionTh  8:30-9:20AM
ANTHRO 211-0-65Discussion SectionF  10-10:50AM
ANTHRO 211-0-66Discussion SectionF  9-9:50AM
ANTHRO 232-0-20Myth and SymbolismRobert LaunayMWF  10-10:50AM
ANTHRO 235-0-20Language in Asian America (also ASIAN_AM 235)Shalini ShankarMW  12:30-1:50PM
ANTHRO 255-0-20Contemporary African Worlds (also AFST 390-0-22)Adia Benton 
ANTHRO 306-0-20Evolution of Life Histories Aaron Miller  
ANTHRO 309-0-20Human OsteologyErin WaxenbaumF  9-11:30AM
ANTHRO 314-0-20Human Growth & DevelopmentErin WaxenbaumMW  9:30-10:50AM
ANTHRO 327-0-20Historical Archaeology Mark Hauser  
ANTHRO 383-0-20Environmental Anthropology (also ENVRO POL)Melissa Rosenzweig  
ANTHRO 390-0-21Anthropology of Islam: Symbol, Discourse, PracticeRobert Launay 
ANTHRO 390-0-22Protest and Popular Culture in the Middle East Jessica Winegar  
ANTHRO 390-0-23Porous Borders: Geography, Power and Techniques (also MENA 390)Emrah Yildiz  
ANTHRO 390-0-24Ecology of Infant Feeding Sera Young  
ANTHRO 390-0-25Auto Ethnography: the Anthropology of Cars Matilda Stubbs 
ANTHRO 390-0-26Border Struggles: Children and Families on TrialCaroline Bledsoe  
ANTHRO 390-0-27City of WomenMicaela di Leonardo  
ANTHRO 401-01-20Logic of Inquiry in Anthropology (Bio)William LeonardTh  2-4:50PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 472-0-20Seminar in Political Anthropology: State and SubjectJessica Winegar 
ANTHRO 484-0-20Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology: Language and Media Shalini ShankarT  2-4:50PM1810 Hinman A56
ANTHRO 490-0-21Mapping People, Place, and Space Mark Hauser 
ANTHRO 490-0-22Biocultural Perspectives on Water Insecurity Sera Young  
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