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Godfred O. Boateng

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Sociology, University of Western Ontario

Professional appointments

Professional appointments

Postdoctoral fellow, Northwestern University, Department of Anthropology, Program in Global Health, July 2016 - present.

Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University, Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, Jan 2016 – July 2016.


PhD, Sociology, Western University, 2015.

MPhil, Sociology, Universitetet I Tromso/University of Ghana, 2009.

BA, Sociology & Psychology, University of Ghana, 2005.

Selected publications

  1. Boateng, G. O., Neilands, TB, Frongillo, EA., Melgar-Quinonez, HR, Young, SL (2018). Best Practices for Developing and Validating Scales for Health, Social, and Behavioral Research: A Primer. Frontiers in Public Health, 6 (149). doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2018.00149
  2. Boateng, G.O., Collins, S., Mbullo, P., Wekesa, P., Onono, M., Neilands, T., Young, S.L (2018). A Novel Household Water Insecurity Scale: Procedures and Psychometric analysis among postpartum women in western Kenya. PloS one. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone. 0198591
  3. Boateng, G.O., Martin, S.L., Collins, S.M., Natamba, B.K., Young, S.L. (2018). Measuring Exclusive Breastfeeding Social Support: Scale Development and Validation in Uganda’ Maternal & Child Nutrition,
  4. Boateng, G.O., Adams, E.A., Odei Boateng, M., Luginaah, I.N., & Taabazuing. M.M (2017). Obesity and the Burden of Health Risks among the Elderly in Ghana – A Population Study’ PloS one 12 (11): e0186947.
  5. Brooks, Y.M., Collins, S., Mbullo, P., Boateng, G. O., Young, S.L., Richardson, R.E. (2017). Evaluating Human sensory perceptions and the Compartment Bag Test assays as proxies for the presence and concentration of Escherichia Coli in drinking water in western Kenya. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. DOI: 4269/ajtmh.16-0878.
  6. Jepson, W., Wutich, A., Collins, S., Boateng, G.O., Young, S.L. (2017). Progress in Household Water Insecurity Metrics: A Cross Disciplinary Approach in the Social Sciences. WIREs Water, 4: DOI: 10.1002/wat.2.1214.
  7. Krumdieck, N., Collins, S.M., Wekesa, P., Mbullo, P., Boateng, G.O., Onono, M., Young, S.L. (2016). Household Water Insecurity is Associated with a Range of Negative Consequences among Pregnant Kenyan Women of Mixed HIV status. Journal of Water and Health. 14 (6), 1028-1031.
  8. Boateng, G. O. & Adams, T.L (2016). ‘Drop dead…I need your Job’: An Exploratory Study of the Nurse-to-Nurse Conflict in Two Ontario Cities. Social Science and Medicine, 155:35-42 
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