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Stacy Rosenbaum

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD 2014 Biological Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests

Causes and consequences of social behavior, including:


    Impact of social bonds on life history trajectories and fitness

    ​Physiological correlates of social behavior

    Social plasticity

    Kin discrimination and investment

    Applications of basic research in education and conservation


2014    PhD, Biological Anthropology, University of California-Los Angeles

2010    MA, Biological Anthropology, University of California-Los Angeles      

2001    BA, Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Academic Appointments

2017-Present  Postdoctoral Fellow

                        Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University

2015-2016       National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

                        Institute for Mind and Biology, University of Chicago

2014-2015       National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow                    

                        Davee Center for Epidemiology and Endocrinology

Funding Awards


2016    NSF Innovation Corps Grant ($50,000)

2015    University of Chicago Polsky Center Innovation Corps Grant ($2,500)

2014    NSF SBE Directorate Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship ($197,512)

2013    UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship ($20,000)

2011    NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant ($14,427)

2011    Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant ($20,000)

2011    Wenner-Gren Foundation Osmundsen Initiative Grant ($5,000)

2010    Leakey Foundation Research Grant ($13,897)

2009    NSF Graduate Research Fellowship ($90,000)                                        

2009    UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship ($18,000)

2009    UCLA Institute for Social Research Grant ($6,000)

2008    UCLA Anthropology Departmental Fellowship ($18,000)

2000    Wisconsin/Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship ($3,000) 

Peer-Reviewed Publications

2016   Rosenbaum S, Vecellio V, & Stoinski TS. Observations of severe and lethal coalitionary attacks in wild mountain gorillas. Scientific Reports, 6, 37018. 

2016    Eckardt W, Stoinski TS, Rosenbaum S, Umuhoza MR, & Santymire R. Characterizing stress physiology in Virunga mountain gorillas. Conservation Physiology, 4, cow029.

2016    Rosenbaum S, Hirwa JP, Silk JB, Vigilant L, & Stoinski TS. Infant mortality risk and paternity certainty are associated with postnatal maternal behavior toward adult male mountain gorillas. PLoS One, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0147441

2016    Rosenbaum S, Hirwa JP, Silk JB, & Stoinski TS. Relationships between adult male and maturing mountain gorillas persist across developmental stages and social upheaval. Ethology, 122, 134-150. 

2015    Rosenbaum S, Maldonado-Chapparo AA, & Stoinski TS. Group structure predicts variation in proximity relationships between male-female and male-infant pairs of mountain gorillas. Primates, 57, 17-28. 

2015    Rosenbaum S, Hirwa JP, Silk JB, Vigilant L, & Stoinski TS. Male rank, not paternity, predicts male-immature relationships in mountain gorillas. Animal Behaviour, 104, 13-24.

2011    Rosenbaum S, Silk JB, & Stoinski TS. Male-immature relationships in multi- male groups of mountain gorillas. American Journal of Primatology, 71, 1-10. 

2009    Stoinski TS, Rosenbaum S, Ngaboyamahina T, Vecellio V, Ndagijimana F, & Fawcett K. Patterns of male reproductive behavior in multimale groups of mountain gorillas: examining theories of reproductive skew. Behaviour, 146, 1193-1215.  

2009    Stoinski TS, Vecellio V, Ngaboyamahina T, Ndagijimana F, Rosenbaum S, & Fawcett K. Proximate factors influencing dispersal decisions in male mountain gorillas. Animal Behaviour, 77, 1155-1164.  

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