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Faculty Publications


  • Hauser, Mark, 2018, “Huge Oceans, Small Comparisons: Danish Forts and their enclaves in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.” In Power, Political Economy, and Historical Landscapes of the Modern World: Interdisciplinary Perspectives” Binghamton University Press. Edited by C. R. Decorse
  • Hauser, Mark W., W. Battle-Baptiste, K. Ozawa, B. Voss, R. McGuire, R. Bernbeck, S. Pollock, S. Atalay, Uzma Rizvi, C. Hernandez 2018, “Vital Topics Forum, Archaeology As Bearing Witness”. American Anthropologist 120 (3): 535-548.  
  • Oas, Sarah E., and Mark W. Hauser.  2018 "The Political Ecology of Plantations from the Ground Up." Environmental Archaeology 23(1): 4-12.
  • Winegar, Jessica, 2018 “Resonant Bodies: The Performance Art of Adham Hafez.” Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication 11:123-140. (Special issue on dissent, arts, and the Arab spring.)
  • Launay, Robert, Savages, Romans, and Despots: Thinking about Others from Montaigne to Herder. The University of Chicago Press. 2018
  • 2018 di Leonardo, Micaela, "#MeToo is nowhere near enough," Hau: Journal of Enthographic Theory 8 (3): 420-425







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