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Past Theses Submissions

2017 Theses

All senior capstone papers and honors theses are listed below.

Harmony Nicole Arcilla
“The Commodification of Fit(bit)ness: Revaluing & Fetishizing
the Step through Activity Tracking Technology”

Delaney Louise Buenzli
“Social Justice Education in Higher Education: What are Safe
Spaces, How are They Created, and What are the Implications
for Universities”

Jane Michelle Castro
“What’s Contemporary about a Museum Guard:
An Ethnographic Study of Workers in a Leisure Environment”

Jematia Emily Chepyator
“The Societal Factors that Contribute to the
Low Birthweight of African American Infants”

Catherine Jin Dai
“Vestal Virgins – The Power of Identity Ambiguity in
Ancient Rome”

Jeffrey Scott Frankel*
“Going with Your Gut: How a Study in Wild and Captive
Nonhuman Primates Elucidates Evolution of the Human
Gut Microbiome”

Dominique Serendipity French
“The Paradigms of Hip-Hop: Performance and
Affectation of Race and Gender”

Marilyn Jean Janisch
"Advantages of Trust: “How Village Healthcare Teams
(VHTs) Bridge the Gap between Community Members
and Government Perceptions, Resulting in Potential
for a Stronger Ugandan Healthcare System”

Jordan Elizabeth Lee
“From Fragments to Food: How Osteological Analysis
Speaks to Maternal Health and Food Security throughout
the Székelyföld in 17th Century Transylvania, Romania”

Melissa Carol Mason
“Pregnancy and Food Accessibility: Examining Neighborhood
Demographics Impact on Premature Births”

Cheron Zivial Mims
“The Black House: A Safe Space worth Protecting”

John Nicholas Nogafka
“Elite Universities and Their Surrounding Areas”

Faith Tiwaloluwa Ogungbe
“Bicultural Health: How Cultural Connections
Impact Children’s Health Outcomes”

Willow Durand Pastard
“Black Does Crack: The Mental Vulnerabilities
of Black Femmes in Activism”

Miriam Annette Perez*
“The Value of Stories: Understanding the Social
Determinates of Health for the Latinx Community of Pilsen”

Udita Persaud
“Understanding the “Dual Citizenship” of
Village Health Teams (Vhts) in Uganda”

Kathryn Faith Pillischafske
“Altruistic Intentions: Authenticity and Volunteer Tourism
in the Chiang Mai, Thailand”

Ankitha Radakrishnan
“Examining Gender Dynamics in the Physician-Patient Relationship”

Paavani Satti Reddy
“Learned Bias: Gender Bias in Medical Education Today”

Peter John Schuster
“Queering Past and Present: Volunteering at the
Gerber/Hart Library and Archives”

Elleana Yasmeen Shepperd
“Seeking Inclusivity in Exclusive Spaces: A Look at
the Perceived Role of Diversity and Inclusion Chair in the
Panhellenic Association at Northwestern University”

Margaret Anne Smith
“Gun Violence’s Silver Bullet Solution: An Analysis of a
Public Health Framework toward Gun Violence”

Makeda Nailah Springette
“Got Bush Tea?: Barriers to Diabetes Mellitus Biomedical
Treatment and the Agency of the Eastern Caribbean People”

Janay A. A. Terry
“Childhood under Duress: Practices of the
Child-Life Department at La Rabida Children's Hospital in
Conceptualizing the Pediatric Patient”

Stephany Valladares
“Health In Humboldt Park: Latinos Navigating Healthcare
Resources in the Era of the Affordable Care Act”

De’Sean Anthony Weber*
“Trauma-Informed Care: Re-contextualizing, Politicizing and
De-pathologizing the Traumatic Black Experience”

Odette Marie Zero*
“Diabetic Illness Narratives in Rural Guatemala: Emotional
Distress as an Explanatory Model of Illness Causation and Control”

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