Biological Anthropology

Biological anthropologists endeavor to understand the evolutionary origins and consequences of human biological variation. Human biologists investigate the effects of culture and ecology on human adaptation, development, and health.

Undergraduate opportunities

Students can focus on biological anthropology through courses and research opportunities.

Graduate program

Graduate students conduct original research, analyze data, and prepare presentations and papers with a focus on human biology. 

Recent research

Faculty members have conducted research in Russia, Kenya, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Samoa, the Philippines and the US.  Read more about ongoing or recently completed faculty research.

Labs and field studies

Laboratory for Human Biology Research

The Laboratory for Human Biology Research is committed to collaborative, population-based research into the biological and cultural factors that shape human biology and health in a range of international settings. Learn about student involvement opportunities in the Lab’s cutting-edge human biology research.

Field studies options

The Tsimane Amazonian Panel Study (TAPS) is a field school in lowland Bolivia that studies the effects of market exposure on the well being of a native Amazonian society. Visit the TAPS website to learn more.


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