Alumni Placements

Where do our PhD students go after graduation? Placements for our alumni are listed below.

PhD 2017

Morgan Hoke

Almita Miranda

Chelsie Yount-André

  • Advisor: Caroline Bledsoe/Claude Fischler
  • Position: Postdoc on the anthropology of food at the University of Montpellier

PhD 2016

Karima Borni

  • Advisor: Katherine Hoffman
  • Position: Scholar in Residence, Dance Program, Middlebury College

Pilar Escontrias (Archaeology)

  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin Rivera
  • Position: Research Social Scientist and Project Manager at The American Bar Foundation

Bradley Phillippi (Archaeology)

Kimberly Seibel

  • Advisor: Helen Schwartzman 
  • Position: Postdoc with the Institute of Gerontology and the Department of Anthropology at Wayne State University
  • Poistion link:

Natalie Bump Vena

  • Advisor: William Leonard
  • Position: Assistant Professor, Queens College

Mary Elena (Ella) Wilhoit

PhD 2015

Alana Glaser (Cultural Anthropology)

  • Advisor: Micaela di Leonardo
  • Position: Institute for Health and Socio-Economic Policy at National Nurses United

Faith Kares (Cultural Anthropology)

Sarah Taylor (Biological Anthropology)

  • PhD Advisor: William Leonard 
  • Position: Research Consultant, Peterson Garden Project-Chicago   

PhD 2014

 Noah Butler (Cultural Anthropology)

Santiago Juarez (Archaeology)

Lauren Slubowski Keenan-Devlin (Biological Anthropology PhD/MPH)

  • Advisor: William R. Leonard
  • Position: Research Coordinator at NorthShore University HealthSystem  

PhD 2013

Marco Aiello (Biological Anthropology)

  • Advisor: William R. Leonard
  • Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, DePaul University

Aaron Miller (Biological Anthropology)

Emily Steinmetz (Cultural Anthropology)

Zaneta Thayer (Biological Anthropology)

PhD 2012

Dan Eisenberg (Biological Anthropology)

Lee Gettler (Biological Anthropology)

Aurélien Mauxion (Cultural Anthropology)

Emily Mendenhall (Cultural Anthropology)

John Millhauser (Archaeology)

 Lisa Overholtzer (Archaeology)

PhD 2011

 Lauren Bigelow (Archaeology)

 Kristin De Lucia (Archaeology)

Jean Hunleth (Cultural Anthropology PhD/MPH)

  • Advisor: Karen Tranberg Hansen
  • Position: Staff Scientist, Department of Surgery, Washington University Medical School
  • Position Link:

E. A. Quinn (Biological Anthropology PhD/MPH)

PhD 2010

Christopher Morehart (Archaeology)

PhD 2009

Nicole Fabricant (Cultural Anthropology)

José M. Muñoz (Cultural Anthropology)

Maxine H. Oland (Archaeology)

  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin
  • Position: Visiting Lecturer/Research Associate, Smith College

PhD 2008

Virgil (Duke) Beasley (Archaeology)

  • Advisor: James A. Brown
  • Position: Instructor, Department of Anthropology, University of Alabama

Andrew T. Creekmore III (Archaeology)

Kathryn Hicks (Biological Anthropology)

 Judith Singleton (Cultural Anthropology)

  • Advisor: Karen Tranberg Hansen
  • Position: Instructor, DePaul University  

Elizabeth Sweet (Biological Anthropology PhD/MPH)

Craig Tower (Cultural Anthropology)

  • Advisor: Robert Launay
  • Position: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Consultant and technical advisor     

PhD 2007

Ana Croegaert (Cultural Anthropology)

Clinton Nichols III (Cultural Anthropology)

PhD 2006

Douglas J. Bolender (Archaeology)

Rana D. Özbal (Archaeology)

Heidi Ann Swank (Linguistic Anthropology)

PhD 2004 

Robin A. Beck, Jr. (Archaeology)

J. Joshua Snodgrass (Biological Anthropology)

Mark Sorensen (Biological Anthropology)

Mark Schwartz (Archaeology)