All dissertations written by students in the Department of Anthropology for the past 12 years are listed chronologically below.

All of the department's dissertations are available at the Northwestern University Library and can be found using the library’s online catalog.


"Methodologies in the Archaeology of Warfare:Toward a Study of Practice and Social Relations"

  • PhD Author:Christopher Hernandez
  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin

"Por su propio bien: A case study and needs assessment of pre-, peri-, and postnatal care in Nuñoa, Peru"

  • MPH Author: Morgan Hoke
  • Advisor: William Funk

"Growing Babies, Growing Inequalities: A Biocultural Examination of the Influences of Infant Growth in Nunoa Peru"

  • PhD Author: Morgan Hoke
  • Advisor: William Leonard/Thomas McDade

"Living in Legal Limbo: Migration, Citizenship, and Mexican Mixed-Status Families in the Neoliberal Era"

  • PhD Author:Almita Miranda
  • Advisor: Micaela di Leonardo

"Human Energetics in a Changing Climate: Health, Lifestyle, and Adaptation among the Yakut of Northeastern Siberia"

  • Author: Stephanie Levy
  • Advisor: William Leonard

"Giving, Taking, and Sharing: Reproducing Economic Moralities and Social Hierarchies in Transnational Senegal"

  • Author: Chelsie Yount-André
  • Advisors: Caroline Bledsoe/Claude Fischler


"Embodied Authenticity in Moroccan Contemporary Dance"

  • Author: Karima Borni
  • Advisor: Katherine Hoffman

"Policing the boundaries of the 'O/orthodox': Modernity, Evil, and Morality in Exorcisms of Post-Socialist Addis Ababa"

  • Author: Bethelhem Dejene
  • Advisor: Robert Launay

"Excavating Undocumented Lives: Raced citizenship, colonial marketscapes, and the materiality of private property in 16th century household archaeology of Moquegua, Peru"

  • Author: Pilar Escontrias
  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin Rivera

"Hearing Sex: An Ethnographic and Ethnomusicological Study of Striptease in the Midwestern US"

  • Author: Elizabeth Hartman
  • Advisor: Micaela di Leonardo

"Marketing Manners Makeover: Self-help and Women’s Islamic Education in Contemporary Singapore"

  • Author: Nurhaizatul Jamil
  • Advisor: Robert Launay

"Maintaining the State: Centralized Power and Urban Neighborhoods in Copan, Honduras"

  • Author: Kristin Landau
  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin Rivera

"From Coercion to Compensation: Labor Systems and Spatial Practice on a Plural Farmstead, Long Island"

  • Author: Bradley Phillippi
  • Advisor: Mark Hauser

"The Nature of Bureaucracy in the Cook County Forest Preserves"

  • Author: Natalie Bump Vena
  • Advisor: William Leonard

"'Women Always Work More Here': Gendered Labor and Chosen Families in the Rural Andes"

  • Author: Mary Elena (Ella) Wilhoit
  • Advisor: Mary Weismantel

"Unsettling Age: Constructions of Later Life and Support in US Resettlement Bureaucracy"

  • Author: Kimberly Seibel 
  • Advisor: Helen Schwartzman


"A New Day for Domestic Workers? Multicultural New York City Care Workers' Labor and Activism amid the Introduction of Labor Law"

  • Author: Alana Glaser
  • Advisor: Micaela di Leonardo

"Packaging Care, Regulating Poverty: NGOs and New Modes of Neoliberal Governance" 

  • Author: Faith Kares
  • Advisor: Ana Aparicio

"Lifestyle Change, Vulnerability, and Health among the Awajun of the Peruvian Amazon"

  • Author: Paula Tallman
  • Advisor: Thom McDade

"Growing Public Health: Implications from a Qualitative Study of Food Gardeners in Chicago"

  • MPH Thesis Author: Sarah Taylor
  • MPH Advisor: William Funk

"Growing Good Food in the City: A Multi-Method Study of Gardening and Health in Two Chicago Communities"

  • PhD Dissertation Author: Sarah Taylor
  • PhD Advisor: William Leonard 


“Festival Encounters:  Value Logics and the Political Economy of Cultural Production in Ghana"

  • Author: Lauren Adrover
  • Advisor: Karen Tranberg Hansen

“Followers of the Marabout? Knowledge, Exchange, and Spiritual Relations in Niger”

  • Author: Noah Butler
  • Advisor: Robert Launay

“Commoner Contributions to the Rise of Urbanism in Noh K’ uh in Chiapas, Mexico”

  • Author: Santiago Juarez
  • Advisor: Cynthia R. Robin

“The Weight of Structural Violence: Syndemic stress and obesity among black urban youth in the US”

  • Author: Lauren Slubowski Keenan-Devlin
  • Advisor: William R. Leonard

“When the White People Come: Gentrification and Race in Puerto Rican Chicago”

  • Author: Jesse Mumm
  • Advisor: Helen Schwartzman

“Kuchus in the Balance: Queer Lives under Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

  • Author: Melissa Minor Peters
  • Advisor: Karen Tranberg Hansen


“The Children of the Tsimane': Exploring how children create and negotiate health outcomes”

  • Author: Marco Aiello
  • Advisor: William R. Leanard

"Deconstructing Normal: Leptin variation across and within populations"

  • Author: Aaron Miller
  • Advisor: William R. Leonard

"A responsibility to speak: The discursive orders of Christianity and Confucianism among the Jinghpo in Southwest China"

  • Author: Chung-Yu Shih
  • Advisor: Robert Launay

“Remaking the Rural: Private Prisons, Land-Use Policies, and Punitive Governance in Central New Mexico”

  • Author: Emily Steinmetz
  • Advisor: Robert Launay

"Mums Matter: Intergenerational Effects of Maternal Stress"

  • Author: Zaneta Thayer
  • Advisor: Christopher Kuzawa


"Human Telomere Biology: Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives"

  • Author: Dan Eisenberg
  • Co-chairs: Chris Kuzawa/M. Geoffrey Hayes

"Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Male Socioendocrinology: Insights from Cebu, Philippines"

  • Author: Lee Gettler
  • Co-chairs: Chris Kuzawa/Thom McDade

"Speculative Normalcy: Time, Agency, and Ambiguity in Changing Bulgaria" 

  • Author: Lora Koycheva
  • Advisor: Robert Launay

"Democracy Building: Local Elections and Governance in Northern Mali"

  • Author: Aurélien Mauxion
  • Advisor: Robert Launay

“The VIDDA Syndemic: Distress and Diabetes In Social and Cultural Context”

  • Author: Emily Mendenhall
  • Advisor: Rebecca Seligman

"Saltmaking, Craft, and Community at Late Postclassic and Early Colonial San Bartolome Salinas, Mexico"

  • Author: John Millhauser
  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin Rivera

"Empires and Everyday Material Practices: A Household Archaeology of Aztec and Spanish Imperialism at Xaltocan, Mexico"

  • Author: Lisa Overholtzer
  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin Rivera

"The World in a Bottle: Gender, Age, and Direct Sales in Costa Rica"

  • Author: Theresa Preston-Werner
  • Advisor: Mary Weismantel


“Economic Specialization in Late Chalcolithic Animal Systems:  The Fauna at Hacinebi Tepe, Turkey”

  • Author: Lauren Bigelow
  • Advisor: Timothy Earle-Advisor

“Domestic Economies and Regional Transition: Household Production and Consumption in Early Postclassic Mexico”

  • Author: Kristin De Lucia
  • Advisor: Elizabeth Brumfiel

“Being Closer: Children and Caregiving in the Time of TB and HIV in Lusaka, Zambia”

  • Author: Jean Hunleth
  • Advisor: Karen Tranberg Hansen

"Life course influences on milk composition in Filipino women"

  • Author: Elizabeth Quinn
  • Advisor: Christopher Kuzawa


“The Archaeology of Farmscapes: Production, Place, and the Materiality of Landscape at Xaltocan, Mexico”

  • Author: Christopher Morehart
  • Advisor: Elizabeth Brumfield

“Negotiating Power in the Wari Empire: A Comparative Study of Local-imperial Interactions in the Moquegua and Majes Regions during the Middle Horizon (550-1050CE)”

  • Author: Robin Coleman Goldstein
  • Advisor: Timothy Earle


“Performative Politics: Landless Workers' Creative Strategies of Resistance in lowland Bolivia”

  • Author: Nicole Fabricant
  • Advisor: Mary Weismantel

“The Eye of the State: Business Visibility and the Production of Public Authority in Northern Cameroon”

  • Author: José M. Muñoz
  • Advisor: Robert Launay

“Market integration, Stress and Health: An Exploration of HPA Dynamics among the Tsimane’”

  • Author: Colleen Nyberg
  • Advisors: Thom McDade/William R. Leonard

"Long-Term Indigenous History on a Colonial Frontier: Archaeology at a 15th-17th Century Maya Village, Progresso Lagoon, Belize"

  • Author: Maxine H. Oland
  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin


“Monumentality During the Mid-Holocene in the Upper and Middle St. Johns River Basins, Florida”

  • Author: Vrigil Beasley
  • Advisor: James A. Brown

"Kazane Höyük and Urban Life Histories in Third Millennium Upper Mesopotamia"

  • Author: Andrew T. Creekmore III
  • Advisor: Cynthia Robin

"Working at Risk: An Ethnography of Making Markets in Chicago"

  • Author: Gail E. Eby
  • Advisor: Timothy Earle

“Social Support and Women's Health in El Alto, Bolivia”

  • Author: Kathryn Hicks
  • Advisor: William R. Leonard

“Making Gains from Industrial Scrap: Small-Scale Production in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso”

  • Author: Vanessa Linganzi
  • Advisor: Karen Tranberg Hansen

"'I Love You': Coercion and Consent in Sexual Relations in Postapartheid South Africa"

  • Author: Judith Singleton
  • Advisor: Karen Tranberg Hansen

"Exploring the Early Development of Health Inequality: Culture, Stress, and Health among African American Adolescents"

  • Author: Elizabeth Sweet
  • Advisor: Thomas McDade

"Radio Ways: Society, Locality, and FM technology in Koutiala Mali"

  • Author: Craig Tower
  • Advisor: Robert Launay


"Tired Bodies and Traveling Women: Gender and Economy in the Bosnian Refugee Migration to the United States, 1992-2005"

  • Author: Christiana Croegaert
  • Advisor: Micaela di Leonardo

"You're more poor": Squatter efforts to shape urban space, housing, and informal work in Windhoek, Namibia

  • Author: Clinton Nichols III
  • Advisor: Karen Tranberg Hansen


“The Creation of a Propertied Landscape: Land Tenure and Agricultural Investment in Medieval Iceland”

  • Author: Douglas J. Bolender
  • Timothy Earle

"Households, Daily Practice, and Cultural Appropriation at Sixth Millennium Tell Kurdu"

  • Author: Rana D. Özbal
  • Advisors: Gil Stein/Cynthia Robin

"Spoken Tibetan, Written English: Communities of Practice and Linguistic Market Places in the Tibetan Diaspora of McLeod Ganj, India" 

  • Author: Heidi Ann Swank
  • Advisor: Robert Launay