Why study at Northwestern?

The Department of Anthropology offers graduate students varied and rich educational opportunities:

  • Connections to interdisciplinary programs in the University and opportunities to participate in an interdisciplinary learning cluster.
  • Ongoing field research projects and archaeological excavations around the world.
  • Professional training in research design, grant preparation and teaching.
  • Opportunities for study at major Chicago-area universities, laboratories and museums. Joint research with Chicago’s Field Museum exists studying archaeology of complex societies and urban anthropology focusing on Chicago culture, communities and social change.
  • Financial aid packages. 

Review enrollment, admissions, and placement statistics for the department. 

Required application materials

Please note: The video interview is an existing feature of the Online CollegeNET Application System and NOT required for the PhD Application in Anthropology

To apply to our graduate program, you will need to submit the following materials to the Department of Anthropology by our December 15th deadline:

For additional details about the application process, visit our Application Procedure webpage.