Current Graduate Students

Anthropology Graduate Student Association

The Northwestern Anthropology Graduate Student Association (est. 2012) is a student-run group that holds quarterly meetings for all anthropology graduate students, hosts occasional workshops and other events, and provides mentorship and orientation for new students. AGSA liaison committee members, elected yearly, coordinate activities and meet with faculty members on issues of interest to graduate students. The liaison committee can be reached at

Lauren Adrover | Cultural Anthropology (PhD June 2014)

Commodification of culture, embodied practice, money and value, political economy, West Africa.

Alan Armstrong | Archaeology (Doctoral Student Fall 2013)

    Karima Borni | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2012)

    Middle East and North Africa, Youth, Performance Arts, Urban Space and Dance Studies.

    Jared Bragg | Biological Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2012)

    Cooperative breeding and the human life history, reproductive energetics, reproductive ecology, life history evolution and development, aging and reproductive senescence.

    Bonnie Bright | Medical Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2014)

      Natalie Bump | JD/PhD (PhD Candidate 2012)

        Forest Preserve District of Cook County, IL; nature, preservation, and local natural resources law.

        Noah Butler | Cultural/ Africa Anthropology (PhD September 2014)

        Anthropology of knowledge; economic anthropology; social organization; Islam; West Africa.

        Kathryn Catlin | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2015)

        Archaeology of social-environmental interaction, economic anthropology, GIS/spatial analysis, archaeological survey and geophysics, Viking Age Iceland, medieval England, historical archaeology of the North Atlantic.

        Vinita Chaudhry | Cultural Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2014)

          Bethlehem Dejene | Cultural/Linguistic Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2010)

          East Africa, ritual healing, spirit healing, spirit possession, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

          Elizabeth (Harrington) Derderian | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2015)

          Sociocultural anthropology, politics of representation, Middle East, political economy, material and visual culture, gender.

          Michael Diamond | Biological Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2013)

          Pilar Escontrías | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2013)

            Household archaeology, colonialism, critical race theory, legal subject formation, politics of archaeology, the Andes.

            Ruby Fried | Biological Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2015)

              Livia Garofalo | Cultural Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2014)

                Alana Glaser | Cultural Anthropology (PhD March 2015)

                  Migration, labor, gender, race, ethnicity, social movements, political economy, New York, Francophone West Africa. Linguistic Anthropology, Legal Anthropology, Performance Studies.

                  Kacey Grauer | Archaeology (Doctoral Student Fall 2014)

                    Khadene Harris | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2015)

                      Elizabeth Hartman | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2013)

                      Ethnomusicology; music, sound, and sexual commerce in the contemporary US; music, technology, and globalization; race, class, gender, and political economy; urban studies; sound studies; movement and dance studies.

                      Sadaf Hasnain | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2014)

                        Christopher Hernandez | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2014)

                        The archeology of violence in the Maya area during the Postclassic period.

                        Morgan Hoke | Medical Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2014)

                        Biocultural anthropology, reproductive health, growth and development, altitude studies, market integration, the Andes.

                        Nurhaizatul Jamil | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2013)

                          Santiago Juarez | Archaeology (PhD September 2014)

                            Katherine Kanne | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2008)

                            Archaeology, human-animal relationships, Bronze Age Hungary, development of complex societies, political economy, cross-cultural analysis.

                            Faith Kares | Cultural Anthropology (PhD June 2015)

                            Urban development and housing, transnational social movements, youth studies, volunteerism, NGOs and governmentality, citizenship and belonging, Filipino/Filipino Americans, Philippines and U.S.

                            Lauren Slubowski Keenan-Devlin | Medical Anthropology (PhD/MPH June 2014)

                            Social health disparities, obesity and nutritional health, psychosocial stress, childhood and adolescence.

                            Moira Kyweluk | Biological Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2014)

                            Elisa Lanari | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2015)

                            Urban studies; anthropology of space; suburban and metropolitan politics in the U.S. South; race/ethnicity, class, and gender; community activism and nonprofit organizing; political economy; United States and Italy.

                            Kristin Landau | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2012)

                            Community archaeology, social organization, anthropological theory, GIS/spatial analysis, ceramics, Maya region.

                            Ryan Lash | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2015)

                              Stephanie Levy | Biological Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2013)

                              Adaptability, human energetics, circumpolar regions, developmental origins of health and disease.

                              Arturo Marquez Jr. | Cultural/Biological Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2012)

                              Kimberly McCabe | Biological Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2011)

                              Human microbiome, symbiosis, microbial ecology and human biology, developmental origins of health and disease.

                              Almita Miranda | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2012)

                              Race/ethnicity, gender, political economy, immigrant rights, citizenship, transnationalism, social movements, family ideology, U.S. Latinos/as; U.S., Mexico.

                              Jesse Mumm | Cultural Anthropology (PhD June 2014)

                              Urban and Americanist anthropology, race, political economy, gentrification & local development, immigration, Latinos in the US, neighborhoods, landscape, space, Chicago.

                              Mohammad Bilal Nasir | Cultural Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2013)

                                Anthropology of Islam, secularism, counter-terrorism and security, race/ethnicity, ethics, activism, United States

                                Aydin Ozipek | Cultural Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2013)

                                Anthropology of youth, material and visual culture, political economy, Turkey, and the Middle East. 

                                Nazli Özkan | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2014)

                                Anthropology of media, anthropology of religion, political economy, Turkey, and the Middle East.

                                Julianna Perez | Biological Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2013)

                                  Melissa Minor Peters | Cultural/Medical Anthropology (PhD June 2014)

                                  Gender variance, sexualities, political economy, queer globalizations, health disparities, Africa, Uganda.

                                  Bradley Phillippi | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2013)

                                  Anthropological historical archaeology, labor, political economy, capitalism, social inequality, race and racism, plural space and spatiality; changing systems of labor in rural Northeast North America.

                                  Tamás Polányi | Archaeology (PhD Candidate 2012)

                                  Jessica Pouchet | Linguistic Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2014)

                                  Political ecology; protected lands; biodiversity conservation; nature tourism; international development; Tanzania.

                                  Roberto Rosado Ramirez | Archaeology (Doctoral Student Fall 2013)

                                  Anthropological archaeology; archaeology of reoccupation and reclamation of abandoned sites; settlement abandonment; “post-Collapse” communities in the Maya area; household archaeology; historical archaeology; Mesoamerica.

                                  Calen Ryan | Biological Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2014)

                                    Kimberly Seibel | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2014)

                                    Borders, the state, citizenship, identity, social networks, transnational mobility, space/place, refugees, Central Africa.

                                    Dilpreet Singh | Archaeology (Doctoral Student Fall 2014)

                                      Matilda Stubbs | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2012)

                                      The anthropology of social work, foster youth, childhood, adolescence, the construction of family and home, psychological anthropology, narrative, autobiographical memory, the self and personhood, life stories, queer consciousness, documents and documentary practices.

                                      Paula Skye Tallman | Biological Anthropology (PhD June 2015)

                                      Culture change, stress, somatic symptoms, and physiological functioning in the Amazon.

                                      Sarah R. Taylor | Biological and Medical Anthropology (PhD/MPH August 2015)

                                      Food, nutrition, and health inequalities; psychosocial stress; urban agriculture and community gardens in Chicago.

                                      Dario Valles | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2012)

                                      Vanessa Watters | Cultural Anthropology (Doctoral Student Fall 2013)

                                        Ella Wilhoit | Cultural Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2012)

                                        Agricultural communities, cooperation, privatization, and gender, highland Peru.

                                        Chelsie Yount-André | Linguistic Anthropology (PhD Candidate 2013)